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“If anything should happen to me….”

Don and Kate were nervously anticipating Don’s upcoming life saving surgery.  Don was also concerned that, should he not survive, Kate might not know everything that needed to be done upon his death.  The night before his surgery he made this list for Kate of the things she should do if he didn’t make it through the operation: 

My Dearest Kate

Although I expect to make it through this surgery it has got me thinking that anything could happen to any of us at anytime and we are rarely prepared. 

So, if anything should happen…………….  Read more »


What does the New Year hold for mortgage rates?

Here’s an article that I came across in the Globe and Mail that I wanted to share which talks about Bank of Canada trends and what it might mean for mortgage rates heading into 2019.  Let me know your thoughts.

Click here to read the rest of the article on the Globe and Mail website.


Creative and Friendly Banking – Really!

Creative and prudent methods to employ debt in financial planning can assist in reducing cost (by reducing interest), providing access to cash values of insurance products on a tax-free basis, and creating wealth through leverage. 

You may find a bank that owns a life insurance company but it is rare to find a life insurance company that owns a bank.  Manulife Bank provides banking solutions which can be part of an overall financial planning solution.  With debt management so important to financial planning it is beneficial to be able to use creative products from Manulife Bank.  Some of the key lending products from Manulife Bank are as follows: Read more »